Repairs and Maintenance

We are focusing relentlessly on delivering high quality housing and maintenance services, because we know people thrive when they live in a safe and secure environment. When we need to carry out repairs or maintenance on your home we aim to provide a responsive, value for money service.

We commit to undertake a repair within 21 days, although average days for repairs to be completed are in reality a lot quicker.  A list of repair responsibilities can be found here

Emergency Repairs

We provide a 24 hour, 365 day per year emergency repairs service. In September 2023 we introduced a new option of 3-day urgent response repairs, in addition to our 4-hour emergency response time.   

Despite the huge cost rises in materials and outside contractors we will continue to implement our overarching objectives of supporting people to feel Safe in their homes, and Satisfied with the housing services we offer.

Fencing Update, May 2023

There are two types of fencing

  1. Boundary Fencing – Housing Solutions will take full responsibility to refix and improve boundary fencing.
  2. Dividing Fencing – Housing Solutions will carry out a make safe repair and removal if the fence is dangerous.

Boundary Fencing:

As a responsible landlord, we take full responsibility for repairs to Boundary Fences, gates and walls which divide a Housing Solutions property from a road or public footpath.

What is a boundary fence?

A boundary fence separates a property from a road or public footpath.

Dividing Fencing 

We will carry out a make safe repair or removal if the fence is a risk to your health & safety. We are not replacing existing panel fencing as a priority.    

What is a dividing fence?

A dividing fence separates a property from the neighbouring property or properties. This is usually individual garden fencing.

Who is responsible for my fence?


If your fence divides an individual Housing Solutions property from a private owner or tenant, then Housing Solutions will help you establish ownership before advising further.

If the dividing fence belongs to the private owner or tenant, then it is their responsibility to repair it. At this time we are not replacing existing dividing panel fencing as a priority, but we will of course make safe and remove the fencing if it’s dangerous.

If the fence is shared with another Housing Solutions property, Housing Solutions will make safe and remove the fencing if it's dangerous.

Homeowners and shared owners

As each lease/freehold agreement will provide for differing responsibilities on walls/fences there is no single rule for homeowners. Check your lease and title plan for information on your responsibilities, and if you'd like us to have a look at your title deeds, contact the Home Ownership team via email. We can help to direct you to establish your responsibilities.