Personal Information Charter

This personal information charter explains how we look after your personal information and how to request that information.

When Housing Solutions asks you for personal information, we will:

  • Tell you why we require it;
  • Ask for only what is needed;
  • Protect your information and hold it securely;
  • Let you know if we share it with other organisations (and whether you can reject this);
  • Keep it no longer than we need to;
  • Not make it available for commercial use without your permission. 

Housing Solutions’ requires you to:

  • Provide us with accurate information;
  • Tell us as soon as possible if there are any changes in the personal information that you have provided.

You have the right to access personal data about you processed by Housing Solutions. If you wish to do this, you should write to:

Head of Business Intelligence and Data Integrity
Housing Solutions
Crown House, Crown Square
Waldeck Road