We're committed to supporting you when you face financial difficulties. However, you need to be aware of the consequences of failing to pay your rent and falling into arrears. 

If you fail to make rent and arrears payments or are in breach of an agreement you have already made to clear the debt, we may take further action against you

If you find it difficult to pay your rent or fall behind with payments you should contact us as soon as possible on 01628 543101. Talk to us and we can help you work through your debts and support you along the way.

Three things to do if you can't pay your rent:
  1. Contact our Income officers via email income@housingsolutions.co.uk to make them aware of your situation. You can talk it over and they will be able to offer you some advice and support. 
  2. Please check out our helpful pages that contain lots of advice on where to go to for debt management advice, budgeting and other support.  Click here to go to our 'managing your money page.'
  3. We have a dedicated welfare and benefit team who are able to provide support and advice on benefits so you can maximise your income.  Contact them via their page on our website here

Please remember we are here to help you.

If you ignore your rent arrears we will begin proceedings to evict you from your home. Before we do this we will contact you to try and assist you. If you do not make payment, a Notice will be served on your tenancy and we will begin to take action in the County Court to evict you.

Only you have the power to stop this by working with us.

There are lots of people you can speak to who can also give you advice and help if you can’t pay your bills. Please see our list here