The Housing Ombudsman independently oversees how social housing landlords deal with complaints about their services. The Ombudsman can also provide active support in resolving disputes between tenants and landlords.

In April 2024 the Housing Ombudsmen published a new Complaint Handling Code. The Code provides a framework for landlords to follow in making sure complaints are managed fairly and effectively. As a member of the Housing Ombudsman Scheme, we are required to assess our handling of complaints under the Code each year.  This is a valuable tool for us in reviewing our processes and learning from complaints. You can read our May 2024 self-assessment including the actions we’re taking to build further improvements into our handling of complaints.

To find out more about the Housing Ombudsmen service please click here 

Our Service standards:

  • If you telephone us we aim to:

    If you telephone us we aim to:

    • Answer 94% of all calls received
    • Deal with 78% of calls at first point of contact
  • If you write to us we will:

    If you write to us we will:

    • Acknowledge letters within 3 working days;
    • Reply fully within 10 working days.
  • When you visit our offices we will:
    • Provide offices that are accessible for all;
    • On request provide an interpretation service of those whose first language isn’t English;
    • Provide a clean, tidy and comfortable reception area for you to wait in;
    • Wear identification badges with the members of staff’s name and photograph;
    • Greet you as soon as you arrive;
  • If you make a complaint we will:

    If you make a complaint we will:

    • Acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days;
    • Fully investigate your complaint
      • Stage 1 within 10 working days
      • Stage 2 / 3 within 20 working days
    • We will inform you if we are unable to meet this timescale
  • Day to day repairs standard

    When you report a repair to us we will aim to:

    • Respond to all emergency repairs within 24 hours (full repairs priorities can be found here)
    • Respond to all routine repairs within 21 days months;
    • Offer you and appointment for routine repairs that is suitable to you;
    • Leave your home clean and tidy after doing the repair;
    • Provide a 24-hour emergency repair service, 365 days a year;
  • ASB Standards

    Our ASB Standards can be found here: Anti-Social Behaviour