We commit to undertake a repair within 60 days, although average days for repairs to be completed are in reality a lot quicker.  A list of repair responsibilities can be found here

Emergency Repairs - 24 hour emergency response

The definition of an emergency repair is an emergency that has the potential to cause damage or immediate injury to people or major damage to property. 

Type of repair covered by our emergency service

Major flooding

Total loss of, or major fault with, electricity supply

Unsafe electricity fittings, gas leak, blocked mains drains, soil pipe or sole WC

Heating and/or hot water loss (calls received 08:00-19:00)

Heating and / or hot water loss (calls received any time for elderly/disabled customers)

Failure of lift

Failure of warden alarm/call system

Roof leaks resulting in serious internal flooding

Plumbing leaks that cannot be contained

External doors or windows not closing or locking

Breaches of security to external doors or windows

Failure of fire alarm system

Sole or only accessible WC not flushing


Damaged communal floor covering presenting immediate trip hazard

Failure of door entry system (elderly/disabled customers)

Failure of physically handicapped assistance equipment

Total loss of water

A plumbing leak or roof leak that has the potential to cause damage to the property fabric

Failure of individual Nurse Call point

Failure of electronic mag lock on a secure door

Defective flooring in service users room creating possible trip hazard

Fire Door not closing properly

Faulty light fitting in service user’s bathroom (following replacement lamp by care provider)

Individual emergency lights not working (sufficient lighting to light a path to safety)

Partial loss of heating to service user bedroom or the following common areas:

  • Lounge
  • Dining Room
  • Assisted Bathroom

WC not flushing

Full loss of lighting to common area