Thank you for paying your rent on time

Thank you to all our tenants who pay their rent on time and for keeping their rent payments up to date.

Paying rent on time helps us provide a highly responsive repairs and maintenance service to our customers.

Importance of paying your rent on time

Unfortunately, some tenants are not paying their rent on time, and a small minority aren’t paying at all creating a debt on their rent account and long-term problems for their tenancy agreement with Housing Solutions. We are now clamping down on those residents.

Paying your rent on time and keeping your account clear of arrears is fundamental to your tenancy agreement with Housing Solutions.  If you do not pay your rent on time, you are putting your home and tenancy at risk which may result in legal action and could lead to eviction and you losing your home. Eviction due to non-payment of rent would class you as intentionally homeless, which means you may not qualify for future re-housing.

If you are in rent arrears and need to report a non-urgent repair job, we will now be talking to you about making a rent payment before your repair is logged.

Risks if you do not pay your rent on time

Getting into debt will severely affect your personal credit rating and may make it much harder for you to get credit in the future.   A poor credit rating reduces your ability to access credit for goods like a new phone, TV and other household goods like a washing machine. You may also end up having to pay extremely high interest rates which will get you into further debt.

Housing Solutions want to help you to stay in credit on your rent account and stay in your home.

If you are in arrears you need pay your rent now. You can make payment by:

  • Online here.
  • Calling 01628 543101
  • At our offices by Cash, Card or Cheque between 8.45am – 4.45pm Monday to Friday
  • See all of our payment options here

If you cannot pay your rent arrears now you must call us on 01628 543101 and ask to discuss your rent account.


Our Welfare and Support Team are here to help you deal with financial difficulties, but they can only help you if you are willing to help yourself and get in contact. You can find out about the Welfare and Support Team, who they are, what they do and how to get in contact with them by visiting our Welfare and Support page here.


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