Housing Solutions provides a range of homes for rent.

Affordable Rent & Social Housing
These are homes provided for people who have been referred to us by a local authority. Affordable rent is at 80% of local market rent.

Keyworker homes
These are homes for people who work within the public sector in roles that are vital to the community who may find it difficult to rent or buy in the area they work. They include but are not exclusive to teachers, police officers, and NHS workers. 

Supported Living & Housing
We provide housing / living to meet the needs of vulnerable people who need assistance and support to live independently within the community. These schemes are for persons with acquired brain injuries, learning or physical disabilities and mental health illnesses. Referrals for Supported Housing come from Social Services. Please contact your local Social Services offices for more information.

Sheltered housing
Accommodation in self contained flats for adults over 55 or with a vulnerability who want to live independently but want the security of knowing that help is available if they need it.

Extra Care
These homes offer people over the age of 55 that need a little extra support to live independently in a self contained apartment within a friendly community, with the peace of mind that 24 hour care is always there should you need it.

Eligibility checker 

You should apply to your local authority to go on their waiting list. Eligibility varies between local authorities but as a general rule you should meet the following criteria:

  •  Be over 18 (applicants between the ages of 16 and 18 years can apply and will be accepted in exceptional circumstances with a referral from Social Services and a rent guarantee);
  •  Applicants must also have a local connection in that they, or their partner, have lived or been in full time permanent employment within the local authority area for at least two years.

Housing Solutions operate a waiting list for applicants interested in Sheltered Housing only.  To be eligible for this waiting list applicants must:

  • Not be an owner-occupier (unless you are over 55 and wish to apply for sheltered housing);
  • Not have taken advantage of the Right to Buy scheme.