Your Housing Officer (HO) or Sheltered Housing Officer (SHO) is your point of contact for enquiries about your tenancy and neighbourhood.  To get in touch with your HO or SHO, email them directly at or call our Customer Contact Centre on 01628 543101.  You can find out about your Housing Officer by searching here or logging into your account on our portal here

Its important to us that you are happy in your neighbourhood so the Housing Officers will be your first point of contact for anything pertaining to your home, neighbourhood or communal areas. This includes:

  • Nuisance behaviour such as noise or rubbish being left
  • Reporting fly-tipping
  • Transfer applications if you want to move to a new home
  • Queries about whether you can keep a pet
  • Queries about making improvements to your home
  • Letting us know about changes to who lives with you
  • Applications to succeed to a tenancy
  • Applications to assign your tenancy to someone else
  • Estate Inspections
  • Mutual exchange applications
  • Assisting you from the start to the end of your tenancy. We will keep contact with you after giving you the keys to your new home.  We will carry out a welcome visit or a number of tenancy visits if you are on a probationary tenancy.  We may also visit you to carry out a tenancy audit, updating you on any changes and providing support if your circumstances have changed

We now have a dedicated Income Team and Income Officers.  

Our Income Officers are here to help you with:

  • To help you sustain your tenancies by offering advice and support.
  • Liaising with the Welfare & Benefits team and supporting you if additional support is required
  • To offer basic advice on debt prevention and benefits entitlement including Universal Credit
  • To support new and existing tenants in setting up payment arrangements including standing orders and direct debits.
  • To liaise with local Housing Benefit teams and DWP to ensure any benefit payments are received when due

To get in touch with your Income Officer, email them directly at or call our Customer Contact Centre on 01628 543101  You can find out about our Income Officers by logging into your account on our portal here.