“My initial interest in becoming a TNO was that it had the flexibility I needed as a new Mum so I could achieve the work:life balance I was looking for” Carly Ford confides.  “Here I am six years on and I couldn’t imagine doing another job that gives me so much satisfaction and sense of purpose! “ 

Carly is one of our Tenancy and Neighbourhood Officers and as the job title suggests, it’s an all encompassing role.  From the day that a new customer receives their tenancy, they meet their TNO at the property, who is their point of contact for anything to do with their neighbourhood and home.  “It’s so important to Housing Solutions that our tenants feel happy and supported.  We become the ‘go to’ so we get contacted about a really wide variety of subjects” explains Carly.  “I don’t think there is any request that could surprise me anymore!”  Carly will help with advising on transfer requests, also preventing and resolving anti-social behavior, broken tenancy agreements and arranging for legal action where necessary.    She also chases up rent arrears and if necessary signposts tenants to appropriate sources of advice about benefits and welfare.

Each TNO has a housing estate or group of properties that they are responsible for.  The job includes undertaking inspections to make sure that communal areas on the estates areas are well cared for, that there are no potential hazards and the estates are kept to a suitable standard.  The information is captured via an App on a tablet device along with photos, so that the relevant repair or grounds teams can clearly see what is expected when repairs are booked in.

“You have to be good at multi tasking as no two days are ever the same” says Carly.   Our TNOs are always mindful of retaining confidentially, especially when dealing with particularly sensitive situations. “Its wonderful being able to help people and make a difference, some of our tenants have had to deal with some tragic and difficult situations, but when they are housed the security it gives them is life changing.”   Carly says another bonus to her job is the super team she works with; they are close knit and supportive with a shared interest in providing tenants with the best experience possible.  “I really wouldn’t want to be doing anything else” says Carly. 


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