Whilst Housing Solutions are responsible for providing a repairs service to our rental customers, customers do share the responsibility for keeping their homes in good condition over the life of the tenancy.

The following information details who is responsible for what in respect of repairs and improvements for rental customers. These responsibilities do not apply to Shared Owners who are responsible for their own repairs (for details of homeowners repair responsibilities click here.)

Housing Solutions are responsible for repairs to:
  • The structure of the building including foundations, walls, windows, external doors, roofs, rainwater goods, chimney stacks, plaster, floors, stairs.
  • The structural fittings and fixtures of the building including kitchen units, sanitary ware, internal joinery, cupboards and fireplaces.
  • Service installations including drains, inspection chambers, wastes, water pipes, electrical installations, gas pipes, central heating, communal lights, fire alarms, warden call alarms, door entry phones, lifts, communal aerials.
  • White goods supplied by Housing Solutions.
  • External works including paths, fences, brick stores and communal clothes lines. 
  • Communal facilities of flats and sheltered schemes, including paths, drying areas, communal lounges, launderettes, hobbies rooms and bathrooms, paved areas, grassed areas.
  • Pest control to multiple properties and common areas of flats and sheltered schemes.
  • Unblocking toilets and external drains that are the responsibility of Housing Solutions.
  • Providing a full home redecorating pack where a water leak (caused by faulty pipework) has resulted in repair work to a ceiling or wall.
Our customers are responsible for:
  • Any repair caused by the neglect, misuse, wilful or accidental damage by a resident, or family, or their pets, or visitors to the property.
  • Repair or replacement of any item not  supplied or installed by Housing Solutions or gifted to the customer from Housing Solutions.
  • Internal redecoration inc following a repair and minor plaster cracks of under 3 mm.
  • Replacement light bulbs (except communal).
  • Replacement of lost keys or a resultant change of locks to doors and windows.
  • The repair or renewal of timber sheds/outhouses and greenhouses.
  • Pest control (affecting one property) Note: we can put you in touch with a trusted pest control specialist with discounted rates.
  • Unblocking of sinks, baths and wash hand basins.
  • Repair/replace sink, bath and wash hand basin plug and chain.
  • External doors – bells, knockers, numbers and additional door security (except communal).
  • Internal doors – Ease and adjust and replacement of handles, catches and locks.
  • Repair/replace toilet seats, shower heads and hoses.
  • Broken glass (no crime reference number).
  • Adjusting heating controls and programmers.
  • Repair/replace washing lines (except communal).
  • Replace kitchen unit handles, including ease and adjustment of doors and drawers.
  • Replace outside catches or bolts (except communal).
  • Floor coverings (except kitchen and bathroom where supplied by Housing Solutions).