What is a stock condition survey?

A ‘Stock Condition Survey’ is a detailed inspection of your home, both internally as well as externally. The survey assists us in assessing the age and condition of each building element, which in turn helps us to plan improvements that might be due in the future.

Why are we doing stock condition surveys?

A stock condition survey is essential for us to gather information to make sure that we are adhering to the Government’s ‘Decent Home Standard’.  The information that we collect regarding the condition of our properties helps to ensure all homes are safe and maintained to the decent standard.

What will we be looking at?

We will typically be looking at:

External - the roof, rainwater goods, walls, windows, doors, fences and paths

Internal - kitchen, bathroom, heating system, electrics and insulation.

We will also make a note of the general structure of the property (both internal and external) and any communal areas.

The survey should take up to 30 minutes for a flat and up to 60 minutes for a house. Ideally, we will need access to all rooms in your home, and some photos will be taken during the survey but not of your personal possessions.

This survey does not collect information on any outstanding repairs to your home.  If you need to report a repair, please do this in the normal way; via the customer portal

When will my home be surveyed?

We aim to inspect as many of our properties as possible on a 3-year rolling programme; the first cycle of which will run until April 2022. Please be aware that we are only able to advise on the financial year (April-March) your inspection will be due. Unfortunately, we will no longer be accepting any additional requests from customers for surveys based on condition, but if you have fittings that need to be repaired, please report this via the usual channels.

What do I do now?

You do not need to do anything, as this is a visual inspection there is no need for you to move any furniture or belongings before the survey takes place. When your street is due to be surveyed you will receive a letter from our stock condition surveyor to inform you of the dates they will be in your area and ask that you get in contact to make an appointment. Please try to make yourself available for the appointment dates offered as, unfortunately, the surveyor may not be able to return to your area later.

What happens after the survey?

The data we gather from the surveys helps us to determine what major replacement works are required and enables us to review and plan. When your property is due for renewal work, we will write to you to inform you of the upcoming improvements and their timescale.