Type Fee value Fee type  When payment is due Description
Lease Extension        
Lease Extension valuation fee From £495+VAT Third Party Valuer In advance Payment to a third party valuer to be instructed by resident. The valuation is valid for 3 months
Lease extension legal & administration fee (including disbursements) From £1000+ VAT  Legal fee, Premium and Disbursement  On completion Lease extension premium to be paid by the resident on completion along with any legal fees and disbursements associated with the transaction. To calculate your premium please visit www.lease-advice.org/calculator/ 
Selling your home 





Leasehold management pack/ LPE1 £300 + VAT Housing Solutions administration fee in advance Information required in advance of selling your property, paid to Housing Solutions.
Notice of transfer From 40 + VAT Her Majesty's Land Registry fee In advance* Legal notification of buyer, payable via solicitor to Government.
Resale Legal Fee - Licence to assign £750 + VAT Legal fee In advance Legal fees required for assigning the lease from seller to buyer - payable to seller's solicitor which will then be released to Housing Solutions solicitor on completion.  Only applicable on resales of shared ownership property.
Resale assignment fee Please refer to your individual lease as these vary from lease to lease.  Premium On completion When a buyer is found within the nomination period, a fee is collected for finding/processing the new buyer. Paid to Solicitor, then paid from Solicitor to Housing Solutions.




Staircasing Valuation Fee From £495+VAT Third Party valuer in advance Payment to a third party valuer to be instructed by the resident. The valuation is valid for 3 months.
Additional fees  




Permission to alter From £120 Housing Solutions administration fee In advance Payable at point of application for permission to alter.
Deed of covenant/variation From £750+VAT Legal fee In advance To be paid by the resident.
Reservation deposit £500 Reservation deposit - held to order* In advance - at point of accepting property A non-refundable deposit to secure your property. This will be deducted from your total balance due before the completion of the sale.  (*Held to order means - A written direction to pay money or deliver property, made by the Solicitor.  This will be payable to the seller's Solicitor and will held on the client account until the completion has been been agreed.)
Right to buy and Right to acquire        
The resident's legal fees associated with the transaction  From £1000+ VAT Legal fee    
Stamp duty (depending on value of property) Depending on value of property Government tax In advance To be paid by the resident.
* Refundable if transaction/application does not complete