Resident engagement is vitally important, as it is how we listen to the views and opinions of our residents to help us improve our services. 

Recruitment to our panels is still top of our agenda and we have recently launched a new E-Engagement Panel with over 100 members signed up.  We have been delighted to welcome the panel’s refreshingly honest feedback.

In the last 6 months the E-Panel have:

  • Looked at the demo version of our Resident App
  • Supported the re-writing of the gas service booked appointment letter
  • Given feedback into the formation of the new Resident Engagement Strategy
  • Fed into external consultation such as the Maidenhead residents survey, the Housing Ombudsman consultation on its new strategy and Local Authority budget consultations


  • Residents offered feedback and suggestions regarding design, usability, and missing features of the new Resident App – improving the likelihood that it will be useful to residents and will have long term engagement.
  • We now have a more resident focused and fit for purpose pre-appointment letter for our gas and electrical safety checks. One residents commented  “This is 100% better than the previous letter. It now feels framed around the resident’s safety.  Emphasis is in our best interests and underlined by your and our obligations. Thank you for listening to the concerns raised and acting very quickly to make the changes.”

In the last 6 months the SIT panel have:

  • Been Involved in the development of the new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy
  • Interviewed the candidates for the new Director of Residents Services and Community
  • Reviewed our complaints performance for Q1 and been part of the panel for our stage 3 complaint hearings
  • Started looking at a scrutiny around people’s satisfaction when moving into their new home.
  • Reviewed the use of digital notice boards within our Sheltered schemes
  • Been part of the Resident Engagement Strategy Project Group, helping us to shape and write our new Strategy


  • All were in favour of the digital noticeboards.  This feedback will inform the business case for the roll out of the notice boards and demonstrates we are listening to our residents
  • The panel made suggestions for improvements to quarterly complaints report for residents. This will ensure we are presenting complaints data in a more accessible way to our residents and providing further transparency. The panel will receive the complaints and compliments report each quarter to review and to be updated on any Housing Ombudsman complaints – together we will identify trends which will help us focus on where our service areas can be improved.
  • Helped to recruit our new Director of Residents Services and Community, Jackie Fearon, who started with us on the 15th December.

We have also sent ‘Have Your Say’ surveys to our homeowners and sheltered residents.  From this we have found that satisfaction was down in certain areas.  In response to these valuable insights, we have created two new work streams made up on a cross section of Housing Solutions staff entitled ‘New Deal.’  These initiatives aim to improve our communication, become easier to deal with and stick to our promises. We have also created some specialist panels to engage with our Homeowners and Community Living members and help hold us to account on our New Deal promises.