Resident engagement is vitally important, as it is how we listen to the views and opinions of our residents to help us improve our services. Throughout lockdown we have adapted our ways of working so we can continue to engage positively with our residents.

Did you know started to hold our Scrutiny and Improvement Team (SIT) meetings virtually and held 7 meetings in the last year?  Our panel have reviewed 5 policies, 3 new strategies and considered proposals on rent flexing and a new resident focused App.

Recruitment to our panels is still top of our agenda and we have recently launched a new E-Engagement Panel with over 50 members signed up.  We have been delighted to welcome the panel’s refreshingly honest feedback on our new Resident Engagement Strategy,  

We have also sent ‘Have Your Say’ surveys to our homeowners and sheltered residents.  From this we have found that satisfaction was down in certain areas.  In response to these valuable insights, we have created two new workstreams made up on a cross section of Housing Solutions staff entitled ‘New Deal.’  These initiatives aim to improve our communication, become easier to deal with and stick to our promises. We have also created some specialist panels to engage with our Homeowners and Community Living members and help hold us to account on our New Deal promises. 

In the last 12 months we have also:

  • Completed call outs to our most vulnerable customers as we went into lockdown last year. By speaking to our residents on the phone we could check they were okay and were able to signpost them to some of our partner agencies such as the Brett Foundation. Our charity partners were able to assist in shopping, collection of medications, and even walking dogs.
  • We completed a further call round to our over +65 customers to check in during the heatwave.
  • In December we undertook our annual ‘Getting to Know You’ event and spoke with 1,160 separate households
  • From staff donations, and those made by our supplier we were able to give £1750 to the Brett Foundation, £1000 to DASH and £1000 to Young Carers to support those most struggling through the Christmas period.