You will have recently received a rent review letter, which you may have further questions about. Please have a look at the  FAQ's below for guidance.

  • Affordable rent breakdown

    For residents who pay affordable rent, there is one figure on the letter. It' rent and service charges inclusive. There are no breakdown of the service charge, as it's one figure regardless of the services received.

  • Building insurance increase

    Shared Owners/ Leaseholders who pay for building insurance. We have seen a considerable increase in the cost of building insurance this year - over £200 on average depending on bedroom size.

    Insurance costs have risen because of the increasing cost of materials, supplier charges and general cost inflation which is being experienced across the UK economy. This is detailed in our recent rent letter.


  • Fire safety works

    Residents of Shared Ownership/Leasehold flats will see a new cost heading: Fire safety works - this is £250 per property.

  • 53 weeks charge

    For residents on weekly charges, next year covers is a 53 week year rather than the usual 52 weeks. This can affect people who are on Universal Credit, as the extra week will not be covered by Universal Credit payments. More info on this topic can be found here

If you have any further queries please contact us using the below form and we will be happy to help.

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