Credit Rating News Release March 2024

Housing Solutions is pleased to report that the organisation’s financial outlook has been confirmed as stable and that we have maintained our existing A+ credit rating.

This evaluation was carried out by Standard and Poor’s Global Ratings with their latest report on Housing Solutions published on 22 March 2024 and available here (Standard and Poor's Overview).

Standard and Poor’s report highlights the experience of our management team and our ability to adapt to adverse conditions in the wider economy. Housing Solutions remains on track to deliver our business strategy while maintaining robust finances, which are assessed as stronger than our peers in the sector.

Housing Solutions’ Chief Executive Orla Gallagher said: “This is reassuring news coming at a time of unprecedented challenge for the UK social housing sector. Our A+ stable credit rating is testament to the effectiveness of our corporate strategy in ensuring  that our residents are safe and satisfied, and  that our developments and operations are sustainable. I am delighted that Standard and Poor’s report recognises the value and experience of our management team and our commitment to responsible financial planning.

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