OKEach Day

We check in on our residents electronically via a service called OKEachDay which is provided by our partners, Housing Proactive.

Each sheltered housing customer presses the OKEachDay button on the handset installed in each property by a specified time every day. If this button is not pressed to confirm that everything is ok, then the customer will receive a telephone call from Housing Proactive to ensure that s/he is not in any difficulties. If there is no response to this call then a Sheltered Housing Officer is alerted and will call or make a visit to make sure that the customer is safe.

If this happens over a weekend or on a Bank Holiday, their next of kin is contacted so that they can check that their relative is not in difficulties. As a last resort, Forestcare will be alerted so that they can arrange for attendance at the property to ensure that everything is well. (Attendance by paramedics may be necessary in the event of a fall or other medical emergency after follow up visits by the Sheltered Housing Officer or Forestcare.)

The Sheltered Housing Officer can also use this service to send recorded messages to customers of a specific scheme to advise what is going on that day, for example residents’ meetings, coffee mornings or when the Housing Officer will be on site.

Key Safes

Key safes have now been fitted to the majority of the properties in each development so that our customers are never locked out. This also assists the Sheltered Housing Officers, Forestcare or paramedics to gain access in the case of an emergency.

NB If customers do not want to have a key safe, then they would be expected to sign a disclaimer as there would be a call out charge in the event of being locked out.  

Help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

All apartments are connected by an intercom system to a call centre, providing cover around the clock for residents if they have an emergency.

Repair Service

We have our own in-house Maintenance Team who will carry out any repairs that are needed. Emergency repair cover is provided around the clock every day of the year. The Sheltered Housing Manager can report repairs on behalf of tenants.