Use of digital services

We are increasingly utilising a wide range of digital methods to enable easier access to our services.  Our IT Team are constantly thinking of ways to improve our online platforms and we would like your views on ways that we can improve our online services. Please let us have your thoughts on the following 4 questions; 

  1. Are there any improvements that could be made to our current online platforms?
  2. Are there any online services that you would like us to start?
  3. What would encourage you to use online platforms more (perhaps as opposed to using the phone)?
  4. Do you have any other feedback about digital services?

Please note – we are not looking to take way any existing services (such as our Contact Centre) - but we are looking for ways that we can further improve our digital offering for residents that prefer to engage with us this way. Please send feedback to:

Recent consultations:
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  • Feedback on our Repairs service in Sheltered and Extra Care Schemes.