Reporting anti-social behaviour

We are committed to tackling anti-social behaviour and we have a dedicated ASB Team. We take all reports seriously and work closely with partner agencies, such as the Police and other bodies to tackle crime and ASB. We may share some information with our trusted partners where it is necessary to help address your concern, but it will be held securely and not shared beyond these agencies.

We will treat all contact details confidentially, your details (as the complainant) are not made known to the person(s) causing the ASB. Please note: if you choose not to provide us with certain information it may limit what we can do to address your concern.

If you’re ever threatened or feel your safety or well being is at risk you should call the police on 999 before reporting it to Housing Solutions as a matter of urgency. All complaints in regards to anti social behaviour will be managed in line with the anti social behaviour complaint handling service standards.

Please complete the form below to report anti-social behaviour

ASB Reporting Form

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This information will be kept confidential
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