Emergency Repairs - 4 hour rapid response

All emergency calls relating to the incidents listed below will be responded to within 4 hours, any time of day, seven days a week:

  • Major flooding
  • Total loss of, or major fault with, electricity supply or unsafe electricity fittings
  • Failure of lift/warden alarm/call system
  • Roof leaks resulting in serious internal flooding
  • Plumbing leaks that cannot be contained
  • External doors or windows not closing or locking (on the ground floor only)
  • Breaches of security to external doors or windows
  • Failure of fire alarm system
  • Damaged communal floor covering presenting immediate trip hazard
  • Failure of door entry system (where this is the only access for elderly and disabled customers)
  • Heating and/or hot water loss (for elderly and disabled customers)

In addition, emergency calls relating to the incidents listed below will be responded to within 4 hours if they are reported between 8am and 7pm, seven days a week:

  • Failure of disability assistance equipment
  • Sole or only accessible WC not flushing
  • Total loss of water. Blocked mains drains, soil pipe or sole WC

If you think you may have a gas leak or can smell gas, please call the National Gas Emergency Number on 0800 111 999.

Routine Repairs - Completion target of 21 days

All routine repair calls relating to the incidents listed below will be responded to within 21 days at an appropriate time slot to suit you:

  • Minor plumbing leaks or defects
  • Blocked toilet
  • Defective cistern or overflow
  • Minor electrical and plumbing faults
  • Roof leaks
  • Failure of entry phone
  • Removal of graffiti
  • Faulty extractor fan/communal TV aerial
  • Damage to stair treads, hand rails or banister
  • General joinery repairs
  • Repairs to external doors, floors, windows, external and internal walls, paths and fences bordering roads and footpaths, slates and tiles and defective flooring
  • Repairs to and unblocking of gutters/down pipes
  • Certain repairs to kitchen units and tiling
  • Easing external doors and windows
  • Blocked gutters
  • Other minor day-to-day repairs
  • External doors or windows not closing or locking (above the ground floor)

Whilst Housing Solutions are responsible for providing a repairs service, customers do share the responsibility for keeping the homes in good condition over the life of the tenancy.