Electricity is a major cause of accidental fires in UK homes – over 20,000 each year

As your landlord, we are required by law to ensure your home’s electrical installation and wiring are safe when you move in and that they are in a safe condition throughout your tenancy.  We test and inspect all the homes we manage (and any communal areas) at least once every five years.  We also test and inspect properties before re-letting them to new tenants.

Reporting a problem

You must inform us of any electrical problems as soon as they occur and we will arrange for an electrician to come to your home.

Never carry out electrical repairs yourself.

How to keep you and your home safe

  • Make sure you know where your fuse box is, so you can turn the mains switch off in an emergency
  • Never overload sockets or plug adaptors into other adaptors
  • Clean lint/dust filters on tumble dryers after every cycle
  • Don’t leave white goods on whilst you are not in the home or overnight
  • Some plugs can get hot, allow space for them to have air movement
  • Don’t leave phones, tablets and laptops on charge under or on top of bedding or clothes.
  • Always ensure any replacement adaptors and electrical items have the correct CE markings/Kite mark.
  • Maintain any electrical items you bring into your home
  • Check visible leads, cables and plugs are in good condition and replace if necessary
  • Check light fittings are not visibly damaged and in good condition; contact us if you think they need repairing or replacing
  • Never store combustible materials near the fuse box or the electricity meter
  • Never store anything on top of a microwave
  • Never run cables under carpets or rugs
  • Never take mains-powered electrical items into the bathroom
  • Always switch off electrical items when you are not using them.

Visit Electrical Safety First for more help and advice, which includes an online socket calculator to check your sockets are safe and a Visual Checks App to help you ensure your home is electrically safe.