While Housing Solutions insures the building you live in, it is your responsibility – and in your tenancy agreement – to insure your personal possessions. This is known as contents insurance and covers such things as damage caused by fire, theft, water damage, vandalism or floods to most of your household goods and contents. It also covers replacement of external locks if your keys are lost or stolen and the contents of your freezer.

While many people often hope that nothing will happen to their belongings, sometimes things can go wrong unexpectedly.  We can help our tenants and residents obtain home contents insurance easily and at a price that is affordable. 

Click on the link to access details on a special scheme called My Home arranged in conjunction with the National Housing Federation.  Housing Solutions tenants and residents can protect their belongings and gain peace of mind, confident that if the unexpected happens they have cover.  You can also download the application forms here

Please call 0345 450 7288 or email: myhome@thistleinsurance.co.uk for more information.