All customers have the right to make their own improvements to their home. However you will need written agreement from us as well as any other third parties (e.g. planning consent from the local authority).

Agreement for improvements

We will agree to the improvements as long as we have seen:

  • the technical details and the price of the work you want to do;
  • an inspection of your home if needed;
  • our own plans for your home;
  • information on your suggested contractor.


We may not agree to the improvements because of the following reasons:

  • the improvement will not be suitable for the rest of the property;
  • it will make your home or any properties near it less safe or secure for those living in them;
  • it will make your home difficult to rent to others in the future or will be unsuitable to future residents;
  • it is an improvement that we expect to make in the near future;
  • the suggested contractor doesn't have the right experience or qualifications;
  • the maintenance needed for the improvement will be too expensive;
  • the improvement itself is too expensive (we may reduce the amount of compensation payable if the cost it too expensive).