The Housing Solutions' Board met this month for their 6th meeting this year.  The primary agenda item that was covered was the successful retention of our G1/V1 rating awarded by the Regulator for Social Housing.  This demonstrates that Housing Solutions can meet financial obligations, financial strengths and strong governance.  The Board reflected on what they have done well and what we can continue to do well, along with lessons learned. 

Rosemary Farrar, Interim Head of Finance gave an update on the current business plan and how we are continuing to keep on track, as well as a review of the various committees and how their input supports our goals.  

As is usual at Board Meetings our CEX, Orla Gallagher, presented on the Operational KPIs and our performance against target.  Finally, the Board expressed their thanks for the large and varied work undertaken by all staff to continue to support our customers. 

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for 9th December, the focus of which will be our forward planning and ensuring that the 2020 meetings are scheduled to bring the most benefit to the staff and customers of Housing Solutions.

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