This is a particularly stressful situation for our older and vulnerable residents.  In response, our office and estate-based staff are proactively calling residents we think might need our support.

In the meantime we have put in place the following arrangements at our sheltered schemes:

  • We have engaged with the Sue Brett Foundation to help with shopping, prescriptions, postal, telephone contact as well as Maidenhead Food Share
  • Our Welfare team has been working with Maidenhead Rotary and People to Places to offer assistance to all of our RBWM customer base where required.
  • Our team of 3 officers are visiting the schemes daily to check in and carry out H&S checks, this includes checking the communal fire alarm.
    • Safe working measures have been put in place for all 3 staff – they have appropriate PPE to stay safe whilst visiting the schemes as well as keeping our resident's safe.
  • All sheltered customers have the mobile number of our 3 officers if they need additional support
  • We have identified customers that have a limited support network they are receiving additional support.
  • All of our customers in RBWM have a device in their home – OkEachDay; They press the button daily to indicate all is well, if they do not dial in – we act accordingly to check in.
  • We have also provided automated voice memos via the Ok device with information and advice.
  • Our CEO Orla Gallagher has written a personal letter to all of our sheltered customers, which was hand delivered to give guidance and reassurance of the support in place
  • There are relevant posters in all schemes with contact numbers and advice, as well as 'scam' awareness notices.
  • A further letter was sent from us to all residents in our schemes to keep them updated of Government changes.
  • Our in-house caretaking team have increased the cleaning on our sheltered schemes to daily and paying particular attention to ‘high contact’ points such as Laundry equipment nibs and switches / hand rails and the like.
  • As of 25th March 2020 – our communal lounges were classed as ‘out of use’ and out laundry facilities classed as ‘one in one out’ until at least the end of June 2020.

The most important factor is that our Care Home residents know that they are not alone and have our ongoing daily support.

If you, a loved one, or neighbour need help, we will do our best to provide help. Please contact our Community Services Manager Lee Campbell T: 01628 543134 or our Customer service team on 01628 543101.   We also have a live chat facility at for an immediate response.

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