Good planning and scheduling benefits our customers, so we have implemented Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) software. Utilising this software means that we identify workers with the right skills, equipment, geography and availability for each task. The system schedules work in a loop based on the operatives home address; scheduling the first job closest to their home, then a job at the middle of the day at the furthest point and the final job brings them back into the vicinity of their home again.

For example, a household in Larchfield in West Maidenhead requires some plumbing work. Our software will allocate a qualified plumber to fix the the problem within that area. The software is intuitive enough to highlight that another property within a mile of Larchfield requires a plumber, so rather than sending another operative out, the software will schedule for the plumber to go from one job to another on the same day. This cuts down on travel time, thereby optimising time and efficiency by allowing our operatives to complete more jobs in a day with reduced travel.

Fact: Rostering six operatives in a 20 day window requires the software to do over 3 million calculations!

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