Housing Solution’s aim is to deliver the very best service to our customers.  We give a lot of thought to how we can make things better, faster and simpler for the convenience of our customers. 

Everyone is getting busier and with this in mind we have identified areas in which can make digital improvements, moving from the previously used paper forms to using handheld tablet devices.  To what end?  To help speed up closing a job when a Tradesman has completed a visit and speed up admin time.  In the past once a job concluded there were multiple forms to fill out and sign, but now forms are automatically uploaded to the Tablet and a customer can quickly sign the job off directly on the device.  Once these have been completed the form is digitally transferred to our Admin Team at our office.  This means that the paperwork can be processed in real time on the go, which improves our efficiency.  Records are stored digitally, easily editable and our Admin team can track jobs.  In addition to the time saving benefits, we are able to realise our commitment to decreasing Housing Solution's carbon footprint, by cutting back on paper.

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