At Housing Solutions, we are proud of the rich diversity of our staff and community.  Our diversity is our strength and we work hard to collectively protect it. We have zero tolerance for racism or discrimination of any kind.

The appalling murder of George Floyd has brought into sharp focus the important role that we have as an employer, partner and local housing provider.  We will take positive action to tackle racism wherever it exists, and we will work hard to promote the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion in everything we do. We recognise the need to play our part in bringing about positive change.

Within Housing Solutions, we have a dynamic Inclusion Champion Group, Staff Forum and residents’ Service Improvement Team who work with us to facilitate open and honest discussions.  These discussions help to shape our policies and services. We aim to be inclusive, diverse and equal. 

The recent tragedy has reignited conversations within Housing Solutions on how we can improve. We acknowledge there is more to be done to break down barriers, to connect our leaders, and tailor our services to meet the needs of our staff and residents .

This is a time for action.  Your opinions and contributions are valuable and we welcome  your feedback and  ideas  on how we can improve.  We want to work with you to be a collective change for good. 

Please get involved by contacting me at

Thank you


Orla Gallagher, Chief Executive

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