As a result of the government direction relating to Covid 19 back in March, Housing Solutions adapted our repair services to ensure that we continued to supply a 24/7 emergency service, along with gas and electrical servicing.  We appreciate how supportive you have been whilst we have had to work within the tight Government restrictions. 

Taking this unique situation into consideration, as well as considering the safety of our staff and residents, whilst keeping customer service a priority, we are pleased to share our planned actions over the following months, as we adapt to these challenging circumstances.

The Government has begun to ease restrictions, so we are now able to let you know that we are starting Phase 2 of our service.  This means that our responsive repair service will resume on Monday 17th  August 2020.  Understandably we have a back log of standard routine repairs, so we are initiating a 60-day repair priority service.  This will ensure that jobs requiring urgent attention are appropriately prioritised and can be resolved first. It will also enable us to cluster repairs in different households to create efficiencies as well as optimise our resources and get the best value for money. 

Along with responsive repairs, we will be continuing our emergency repair service, as well as gas and electric checks.  The easiest way to book non-emergency repairs is via any connected device using the customer portal  When booking a non-emergency repair online you will be offered an option of an a.m. or p.m. appointment slot within a 60-day window.

We would also like to take the opportunity to remind you that whilst we are responsible for providing a repairs service, you also share the responsibility for keeping your home in good condition over the life of the tenancy.  Prior to reporting a repair, please take a look at our website which outlines the repair responsibilities - click here 

If, however, you have an emergency repair, please call the Customer Contact Centre on 01628 543100.  These are our definitions of emergency repairs 

Please note that due to scheduling when we attend an emergency call out, you will be required to wait at home until the operative has completed the repair.

We are continually monitoring Government advice and we will adhere to specific service changes should they arise.

Our priority as always, is to keep you and your home safe.  All our staff are invested in keeping our resident’s happy, secure and reassured.  We would like to thank you for your cooperation and patience during these unusual times. 

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