At the heart of everything Housing Solutions do is ensuring that our customers are happy, comfortable and satisfied with their homes.  Questionnaires are a great way to gauge how customers feel, but there is no better way to check on customer confidence and monitor if we are focusing on their true needs, than to meet with them face to face.   With that goal in mind the Exec Team sponsored a “Getting to Know You” Event to meet the silent majority of our customers.  It also gave Housing Solutions an opportunity to be seen as a positive presence in the local community. 

On Thursday 24th May we closed our offices and despite heavy rain, took to the streets of Maidenhead.  Our aim was to meet as many of our customers as we could in the first person, to gather their feedback on the services they receive from us.  We also wanted to encourage our tenants to take advantage of our broad range of online services that are available via our customer portal.  Over 75 colleagues from all departments, partnered up to cover nearly 2000 properties across the Borough.  We met 705 householders who shared positive comments about their property and the interactions they have with the HS Team.  Our customers were impressed by the personal interest that we continue to take in them, with one customer commenting “you really look after us and we love our property.”   For our office based colleagues it helped humanise the fine work they do as they could see the value they bring to customers. 

The day was deemed a real success and the insights that were gathered will be used to refine and improve our services. We will soon be writing to all customers, that we made contact with on the day, to outline some of the changes we will be making as a result of their feedback.


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