At the heart of everything we do is to ensure that our customers are happy, comfortable and satisfied with their homes and communities. Survey’s are a great way to gauge how customers feel, but there is no better way to truly understand how our customers feel than to meet with them face to face. Last May the whole company took part in a customer “Getting to Know You” event to meet with the majority of our customers in Maidenhead. This year we have decided to run the same event but this time to meet our customers outside of Maidenhead. It gives us an opportunity to find out more about our customers and estates as well as have a positive presence in the local community.

On Wednesday 19th June we will be closing our offices to take to the streets of Slough, Reading, Wokingham, Aylesbury, Tadley, Wycombe, Taplow and Maidenhead. The aim is to meet as many of our customers as we can and chat with them face to face, to gather your feedback about the services we provide and the communities you live in. The feedback we gather on the day will form part of our new 5 year Placemaking Strategy which will focus on providing customers with places they are proud to live, and communities they feel part of.

Over 75 staff from all departments will partner up to visit over almost 2,000 properties across our housing stock. This exercise is also a great opportunity for our staff to work together in teams they wouldn’t normally work in, as well as come together as one to better understand our customers and their communities.

We hope to see as many of you as possible on Wednesday 19th June. If you are not in but would still like to give us some feedback, there will be a survey on our website from Wednesday.


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