The Housing Solutions Board had their final meeting of 2020 on 16th December and said farewell to two Board Members who were standing down at the end of their respective terms; Val Bagnall and Ross McWilliams.  The Chairman expressed the Board’s collective thanks for their contributions, insights and service. 

Next Amir Habib, a long serving member of the residents SIT panel (Service Improvement Team), provided an informative presentation of the work that has been undertaken throughout the year.  Our resident’s opinions are extremely important to Housing Solutions, they help monitor the performance of our services that directly impact on the residents and the community.   The Board were pleased to hear that new members have been recruited to the SIT panel and everyone looks forward to hearing further reports throughout 2021. 

As is the Board’s practice Orla Gallagher, CEO presented her report which specifically covered corporate strategy.  This has paved the way for further discussion at the Board Strategy day to be held on 3rd February.  

The Board also welcomed the good news from Director of Finance, David Joyce that the organisation has, once again, received a G1 Governance and V1 Viability rating following the annual stability check by the Regulator.  Steven Brookfield, Director of Housing and Asset Management also gave an in-depth report on Health and Safety as well as compliance.  Chris Martin Head of Development joined the meeting and along with Jill Caress, Director of Development, presented the Development, Sales and Shared ownership report.  Finally, Emily Orme, Head of Housing attended the meeting to present on the exciting new housing structure and the work of the team. 

As is their practice, the Board will continue to meet remotely, and the next time the Board will meet is at the strategy day on 3rd February 2021. 



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