The Housing Solutions Board met in December for their final meeting of 2019.  The Board is keen to improve Value for Money for all residents and has asked that we look to segment the business to improve transparency of the separate service areas and to ensure resources are targeted appropriately.  Orla Gallagher, Chief Executive presented the Strategic and Operational update. Orla confirmed that improvements have been made with the recovery of rent arrears and completing gas safety checks. Our new Director of Housing & Asset Management, Steve Brookfield, presented the latest information on planned works as well as our current Fire Safety updates. Rosemary Farrar, Interim Head of Finance presented the updated Rent Policy. The Board agreed to increase the rents for the first time since 2015.

Finally, the Board expressed their thanks for the staff who will work over the holiday period to ensure that all our residents remain supported and safe over Christmas.

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for 26th February 2020. 


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