Darren is a great example of someone who isn’t afraid to embrace change!  He had been a long-distance truck driver for 23 years, although his original career aspirations was to be an electrician, he hadn’t been able to secure an apprenticeship when he left school.  When his parents fell ill, he realised that his driving was stopping him spending time with people that were important to him so he decided to retrain.

Darren signed up for an intense City and Guilds Electrician training course staggered over 25 days. As he started the course, he found out that he’d suffered some minor strokes, so sadly would no longer be able to drive a HGV lorry, making his retraining extremely timely.  His TNO suggested he talked to Jenn Platt our Employment and Community Partnerships coordinator, who was able to tell him about the newly formed job club that is run every Wednesday from Housing Solutions office.  Darren said that Jenn was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  She took a genuine interest in helping him succeed and would check in with him to offer different ideas and suggestions.  Whilst he’d appreciated the help of the DWP he felt that Jenn’s approach was more about the long-term plan rather than just finding him a job for the moment.  Darren is currently undertaking 3 weeks of work experience with our electrical team which will help him add practical skills to his new qualification on his CV.  Darren says he is grateful to everyone at HS for their guidance, support and kindness.  He feels that the job club has helped him hugely and that its never too late to retrain!

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