Housing Solutions Board met for the 4th time this year.  As we are always looking at ways in which we can improve our customer experience, during the July meeting there was a review of the achievements of the SIT (Service Improvement Team) presented by Debbie White, Customer Services Manager.  During the year the team have undertaken two scrutiny activities to analyse areas for improvement; the first of which focused on rent, including rent arrears and rent setting.   The second scrutiny looked at Void properties.  The team have also worked on a number of customer satisfaction projects including surveying our customers and meeting with other involved customers to gain an understanding of our customer’s perception of services.  SIT have also looked at the work of action groups such as Your Home and Your IT which encourages local resident involvement, where we work along with residents to tackle local issues.  Keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront of all we do, the SIT is also geared up for other customer facing projects including analysing the delivery of the digital strategy, how to improve our customer service offering and complaint handling. 

Our CEX, Orla Gallagher, gave details of our KPIs for June and performance against all our targets.  Whilst rent arrears continue to be of concern and are the subject of management focus, the Board were pleased to note that voids had returned to positive top quartile results in June. You can see how we performed in Q1 April – June here: https://www.housingsolutions.co.uk/about-us/how-are-we-performing/

Jill Caress, Director of Development and Asset Management reported on the performance of the Development Team in delivering new homes and the progress in selling our new shared ownership homes.  We are pleased to be experiencing a strong sales performance despite the housing market showing some signs of uncertainty. 

Sam Carty, Head of Asset Management presented a report on Fire Risk Management, which sets out how Housing Solutions manages fire risk including all the teams and systems in place to monitor health and safety of our homes, dealing with fire hazards, our processes of Fire Risk assessments on our properties and how actions arising from those assessments are dealt with.  The report also included how we disseminate information to customers on fire safety in their homes.  The Board requested that our Fire Safety Consultants and the Fire and Rescue Service are invited to a future meeting of the Board to give training on this issue to Board members.

Sam Carty also requested approval to a programme of window and door replacements and cyclical decorations.  The contracts will run over several years which will result in accumulated savings and ongoing housing improvement for our tenants. 

Making sure that we are compliant is extremely important and the Board then reviewed that we are conforming with the National Housing Federation Code of Governance.  As a registered provider of social housing, we are required to comply annually with the Regulator of Social Housing Governance and Viability Standard.  Accordance with the National Housing Federation Code is accepted by the Regulator as evidence of good governance.  The Board also considered a report on Housing Solutions compliance with the Regulatory Consumer Standards.  The Consumer Standards cover four elements:  Tenant Involvement and Empowerment Standard, Neighbourhood and Community Standard, Home Standard and Tenancy Standard.  We are adhering to all these standards.

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for 25th September.    

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