The Housing Solutions Board met for the first time in 2021 on 24th February.  The Board were delighted to renew the Chairman’s term for a further 3 years through to January 2024. 

It was an extremely busy agenda this time with the Board approving the 2021/22 budget as well as reviewing and approving the assumptions for the 30-year business plan.  The 5-year Contract for insurance was also approved.

The Board also received a report from the Director of Finance, David Joyce which included the management accounts.  The Chair of Audit & Risk Committee confirmed to the Board that following a robust tender and interview process, Beever and Struthers have been appointed as new internal auditors to the organisation.

Carol Lovell, Director of Corporate Services, presented a Governance report highlighting the main risks to the organisation.  Steven Brookfield, Director of Housing and Asset Management also gave an in-depth operations report including an update on Providence House, Maidenhead and a compliance update for January 2021.  The Board also received a progress update on the digital strategy.  Finally, the Board agreed to adopt the 2020 National Housing Federation code of governance.

As is their practice, the Board will continue to meet remotely.  Their next meeting is 19 May 2021. 


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