The Housing Solutions Board met at the end of September for the 5th time this year.  As we have had some changes within our Exec Team the members were pleased to welcome Rosemary Farrar as Interim Head of Finance and Shane Egan as permanent Company Secretary.  The Board are particularly mindful of the huge amount of work that is undertaken by all staff to continue to support our customers and they all expressed their thanks. 

As is usual at Board Meetings our CEX, Orla Gallagher, presented on the Operational KPIs and our performance against target.  In addition, the finalised Management Accounts and Treasury Report were also reviewed, and they clearly indicate that the business remains in good health.  The Board also approved the final figures and details for the Annual Report which is currently being prepared in anticipation of release this month.  The Business Plan was also reviewed again to make sure that we are remaining aligned to our planned targets. 

Jill Caress, Director of Development and Asset Management reported on the continued delivery of our developments and everyone was pleased to note that we are due to deliver on all our planned developments this year. 

As we must adhere to Housing Sector best practise and guidelines, with this in mind a review was made of the internal financial governance and financial management rules.   This concluded the Board Meeting.

As we have charitable status, we also have to schedule an AGM which was carried out at the conclusion of the Board Meeting.  For this part of the meeting there was a financial review and the accounts were formally adopted.  BDO were also reappointed as our auditors and the appointment of our new Directors was confirmed.

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for 13th November, the focus of which will be staffing, tenant experience and feedback from our customer satisfaction survey.

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