The Housing Solutions Board met in person in Windsor for the November Board meeting, which was the Board’s last meeting of 2021. The meeting was observed by two of representatives from the Regulator for Social Housing (RSH) as part of Housing Solutions’ In-Depth Assessment (IDA).

The Board were delighted to welcome Jackie Fearon to her first Board meeting as Director of Resident Services & Community and to introduce ‘voice of the resident’ as a standing item for discussion at all future Board meetings. Angus McCallum, Senior Independent Director fed back his experience of attending the ‘Getting to Know You’ Day which took place on 6th October. Angus accompanied some of our staff visiting residents to gain an insight into their experience of being a Housing Solutions resident. Angus shared some useful comments from his conversations and reported his positive experience of feedback from residents around the quality of their homes and levels of service provided by staff.

Liz Padmore, Chairman then provided an update on the recent recruitment of two new Board members with key skills in resident engagement and sustainability, whom it is hoped will formally join the Board in February.

The Board received an update on the organisation’s mid-year performance against the objectives set out in our Corporate Strategy and discussed actions to improve areas of under-performance.

The Board then discussed and approved three strategies to support our broader Corporate Strategy: the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy, Value for Money strategy and Asset Management strategies which will shortly be published on our intranet and website.

Sam Carty, Head of Asset Management and Emily Orme, Head of Housing joined the meeting to present informative updates to our housing policies. These included details on Right to Buy and Right to Acquire, Leasehold Management, Shared Ownership Management, and the Access Policy which was well received by the Board.

The Board provided feedback on the Major Incident Plan with a view to reviewing it again at the next Board meeting.

The Board will next meet in February 2022.

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