The Housing Solutions Board met once again on 23rd September via video conference and covered an extensive agenda.  The Board were pleased to hear that following a successful recruitment campaign, two new non-executive directors will shortly be proposed to join the Board. 

As is the practise at Board Meetings, David Joyce, Director of Finance, provided a detailed overview of the management accounts. Head of Procurement, Doreen Menya joined the meeting to present to the Board on proposals for the award of a key asset management contract.

Steve Brookfield, Director of Housing and Asset Management also presented an Operations report which included details of emergency repairs, health and safety compliance and rent arrears collection.  There was also an update, from Carol Lovell, Director of Corporate Services on the revised complaints policy which aligns with the new code from the Housing Ombudsman.  The Board were also reminded that the NHF are expected to publish a new Code of Governance in November. 

Head of Digital and Information Services, Richard Harvey joined the meeting, presenting the proposal to award a new server hosting contract, which, following discussion the Board approved.  This means that we will be moving to a public cloud provider; further fortifying our digital strategy and enabling even more efficient remote working. 

Head of Development, Chris Martin, joined the Board meeting once again, to provide an update on the sales of shared ownership properties.  Sales performance continues to be strong.  Chris also presented on upcoming planning reforms that are due to be unveiled by the UK Government.

The Board continue to meet remotely, and the next Board Meeting is scheduled for 3rd November. 

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