The Housing Solutions Board met for their first face to face meeting of the year on 2nd March.

‘Voice of the Resident’ is now a standing item on each Board agenda.  As Director of Resident Services and Community Jackie Fearon updated the Board on how we are working directly with residents to shape our services and gave examples of our recent work in this area - including the consultation workshop to talk about the Regulator’s proposed new tenant satisfaction measures.

Greg Whelan (Assistant Director of Finance and Procurement) presented the 2022/23 budget proposals which is always a key item at this point in the financial year. There were the usual updates on our key risk areas, statutory compliance and operational performance

Steve Brookfield (Director of Property and Development) presented the new Development Strategy aligned to our 2025/26 corporate strategy which takes account of our sustainability objectives, feedback we have received from residents and the challenges we’re facing to meet demand for affordable homes across our local areas.

Orla Gallagher (Chief Executive) gave a detailed presentation on our commitments to advancing our  corporate sustainability objectives over the next five years in line with the “Sustainable” pillar of our corporate strategy. She highlighted the enthusiasm and engagement from staff across all areas of the business for this focus at our January all staff meeting.  We will now be working with staff and our wider stakeholders on a sustainability ‘scorecard’ to target and measure how we’re doing in this area in terms of the energy efficiency of individual homes and our wider business operation. The Board were delighted to hear these plans and look forward to the next update we provide on this at the end of the year.

Richard Harvey (Head of Digital and Information Services) and Sam Carty (Head of Asset Management) then jointly presented a report outlining the business benefits of implementing a new asset management system, in terms of better supporting our asset compliance and improvements from cloud-based functionality.  The Board agreed that there was a strong case to replace the asset management system and approved its implementation.

Finally (Dan Hooper, Health, Safety and Fire Manager) joined the meeting to discuss the major incident plan and the Health and Safety Policy, both being approved by the Board to strengthen our ability to deal with significant disruption to our services and reflect our fundamental commitments to resident and colleague health and safety.  

The Board will next meet on 18 May 2022.

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