The Housing Solutions Board met on 29th July via video conference.  It was a full agenda which also included an in-depth report and presentation from Orla Gallagher, CEO about the potential impacts of Coronavirus on Housing Solutions residents.  The presentation included an analysis on health and the local economy.  The Board were pleased to be informed that, following staff feedback around working through the current pandemic, a review is underway to ascertain the new office operating environment from September 2020.  

Director of Finance, David Joyce, provided an overview of the management accounts and the business plan, which is our 30-year financial plan and includes rigorous stress and scenario testing. Steve Brookfield, Director of Housing and Asset Management also presented an Operations report which included details of emergency repairs and compliance and the significant support provided to residents over the last few months.  Chris Martin, Head of Development joined the Board meeting to provide an update on the sales of shared ownership properties.  It was good to hear that demand has been high and exceeded expectations during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Board have embraced remote meetings with enthusiasm; therefore, the next Board Meeting is scheduled for 23rd September via video conference. At this time, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) will also take place.

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