Universal Credit is a new benefit for working age customers, to support you if you’re working and on a low income or you’re out of work.  It is being introduced in stages across the UK. The new benefit UC is completely digital ‘by default’ meaning there are no paper forms and everything is done online; from making the initial application to reporting changes of circumstances.

In order to make an application for UC you must have an email address as that is the only means by which you will receive an activation code to progress your UC claim.  Please note that even if you are part of a couple, you will need to have separate email addresses.

In preparation and to save time now, we are encouraging all working age customers to set up an email account, before they apply for UC.

Email Help Sessions

To help our customers set up an email account, network providers ‘3’ have offered 1-2-1 support for Housing Solutions customers.  We have scheduled some help sessions at our office and if you would like some assistance, please let us know and we will book you a slot.  Sessions will last approx. 20 mins. All you will need to bring is your mobile phone, as you will be sent an activation code in order to activate your email.
Sessions will be held on Wednesday 5th September at HS office from 9:30 – 11:00

To book an Email Activation session with one of 3's advisors, please ring our Contact Centre on 0800 876 6060. 

You can also set up email accounts via the following links





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