I thought it was about time that I gave you some stats for the Anti social behaviour team so far year to date. What we have achieved and where we are at with some of our cases.


We have carried out 4 evictions so far this year and have another one that we are waiting for a date for. Although we try all that we can to help customers sustain their tenancies unfortunately in these 4 cases this has been unsuccessful and the decision was made to carry out the evictions.


Before the decision is made to carry out an eviction we ensure that we have exhausted all other routes such as mediation, Acceptable Behaviour Agreements, Good Neighbourhood Agreements, engagement with Housing Solutions and also worked with our partner agencies such as SMART – the drug and alcohol team, Thames Valley Police, Social Services to name a few, to ensure that we have offered all the support that we can, not only to the person causing the anti social behaviour but also to the person who is suffering from the behaviour.


We have referred 9 cases to solicitors to take the cases forward for us as they were complex needs and due to the level of cases that we were experiencing in the summer we needed to refer them to Owen White.


From the 8 cases referred to Owen White we gained 1 Suspended Possession Order, 1 Customer handed the keys back to the property due to a lengthy prison sentence, 5 more cases are awaiting court hearing dates.


We have also carried out 4 injunctions, 2 against a customer to stop them from abusing a neighbour verbally, one to stop a person in the community abusing customers and banning them from the local area and another against a person in the community who was harassing one of our customers, death threats, criminal damage to their property. 


One of the injunctions resulted in the person serving a 3 month prison sentence, this shows to customers that we take their Anti social behaviour complaints seriously and will take robust action against those who breach their tenancies and others that are abusing our residents.


If you are experiencing any form of anti social behaviour then please find below how you can contact the anti social behaviour team –

Phone – Customer Contact centre – 0800 876 6060

Or head over to our ASB pages here

Holly Burgess

PR & Marketing Manager

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