The health and safety of our staff and residents is vitally important.  As the infection rate continues to rise and more virulent strains are being reported, we recognise the ongoing need to limit contact and help reduce any danger of contamination. 

With this in mind, from 1st February we are moving to a limited repair service. We will endeavour to make emergency repairs, along with repairs that could escalate and become a health and safety issue. We will continue to undertake repairs outside properties where no contact is necessary.  In line with Government guidelines we will also carry out compliance works such as Gas and Electrical checks.

We adhere strictly to all Government Covid-19 guidance which includes wearing PPE when we visit your home.  Please ensure that rooms are well ventilated and that you respect social distancing measures.  If this is not possible, the tradesperson will ask you to stay in another room, whilst the repair takes place. 

Please note that if you or any family members in your home have Covid 19, are self-isolating or feel that you have symptoms, we will not be able to attend your repair appointment.  We understand that this is inconvenient, but it is our duty of care to protect our staff and residents.

We would like to remind you that if you falsely declare that you and other occupants are Covid free or self- isolating when we attend to fulfil an appointment, you are in breach of your tenancy agreement and could face eviction. Please click here for more information from the Government

We will be happy to arrange another appointment once it is safe to do so, however, in the meantime if you have an emergency that you do not know how to resolve, please contact us for advice.

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