For over 24 years Housing Solutions has provided customers with new and affordable homes along with a range of services to support our customers and reduce welfare-dependency.  Housing Solutions Board’s role is to set and uphold our values and strategy as well as making sure that effective leadership and sufficient resources are in place for us to achieve our strategic aims and objectives.

The Board meets 6 times a year and at their June meeting one of its main agenda items was to review and approve, the Corporate Plan and the 5-year Business Plan.

Orla Gallagher, Chief Executive, presented the Corporate Plan to the Board which sets our business direction, future strategy and included our 5 objectives as follows: -  

  1. A housing organisation that exceeds the expectations of both the community and industry.
  2. Financially strong - delivering value for money services and more homes
  3. A beacon for the sector in how we do things and as an aspirational place to live and work.
  4. Passionate, caring workforce nurtured and developed in- house.
  5. An organisation that is quietly and capably delivering for the local community

The Board were pleased to approve the plan.

The 5 year business plan includes the development of new homes, major improvement works, health & safety actions, resources and funding. The Business Plan is particularly important due to the uncertainty around Brexit and its potential effects on our Plan.  To check if our Plan is robust enough to withstand changes created by the political climate and economy, the Board were presented by our treasury advisors Rathbones with various scenarios and sensitivities to determine what could “break” our Plan. These tests analysed for instance the effects of a property market slow down or value falls, a change in the rent policy on a change in government, and inflation which could affect our customers’ ability to pay their rents creating a rise in arrears.  This showed that our Plan was robust enough to deal with individual events, other than a long-term rental freeze, but we could break our Plan if a number of the above events all happened together. We are therefore re-examining our controls and mitigating actions in that event.

The Annual pay award was also discussed and successfully approved. 

Jill Caress, Director of Development and Asset Management, provided an overview of our principal activities to develop homes and highlighted the ongoing successes with shared ownership sales.  The Board were encouraged to hear that there are lots of opportunities in the development market for new projects.

A Performance review was also presented on our current status around KPI’s including arrears and voids, Health and Safety, Fire Risk assessments and estate inspections – which areas we need to continue to work hard on making improvements in our performance.

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for July 24th. 


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