We want to provide the best help to you that we can. We have put together a list of charities and helplines that are designed to support money matters:

If you are struggling to pay your gas and electricity bills there is plenty of help available. 

First contact your energy supplier, as they may be able to offer you a special tariff or payment plan to help you stay on top of your bills.

If you are over 60, disabled or chronically ill you should contact your supplier to make sure you are on their Priority Service Register. This entitles you to a range of free services including quarterly meter reads if you have difficulty reading the meter.

Here are some simple starting points:

  1. Contact the Home Heat Helpline, a free, expert service for vulnerable people, on 0800 336699. They can speak to your fuel supplier for you and find out if you can obtain any extra financial help.
  2. Contact your power supplier for advice and to see if they have special tariffs for low income customers.
  3. Contact the Energy Saving Trust advice centre for energy saving advice: www.energysavingtrust.org.uk
  4. Check if you can save money by switching to a new supplier.  Contact a free 'fuel comparison service' for advice. You need old bills to make a comparison and you can do it by phone or fill out an online form.
  5. Check your state pension here. See your pension forecast, find out when you will start receiving it and how to potentially increase it. 
  6. Are you entitled to pension credits?  Check here https://www.gov.uk/pension-credit