Housing Solutions are pleased to be able to offer electrical and gas testing for our leasehold and shared owners. 


Faulty, poorly maintained or old wiring are some of the main causes of electrical fires in the home. You can reduce the risk of a fire by checking the condition of your cables, switches, sockets and other accessories regularly.  Our approved contractors will conduct an electrical condition report which will ensure all the current wiring and fixed electrical components are in a safe condition.

These very necessary and reassuring tests take circa 3 hours to conduct and cost £138 +VAT

Frequency - It is recommended that these tests are conducted every 5 years or should a significant change occur


We are also able to provide a Gas Safety check for £75 +VAT.

This will include a safety check (not full strip down service) of all gas appliances within the property along with ensuring the gas installation pipe work is free from leaks.

Frequency - It is recommended that these checks are conducted on an annual basis

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NB These costs do not cover any necessary remedial action to deem the installations safe to use.  Please note that there could be rare occasions where immediate action needs to be taken if a dangerous discovery is made that could endanger the occupants or in the case of gas, it maybe necessary for the installations to be isolated in line with gas regulations.