Welcome to our Leasehold and Shared Ownership customer information section.  Our aim is provide you with the information that will help you enjoy your home and neighbourhood, as well as provide you with any advice that you may need. 

Leaseholders are customers who have bought the lease of a property but in many cases Housing Solutions owns the freehold. Leaseholders are allowed to use the property according to the terms of their lease. These properties are usually flats or maisonettes. 

Shared Owners are customers who have bought a share of a property and Housing Solutions owns the remaining share. These properties can be flats or houses.

It is important you know the type of agreement you have with us, so you understand the services we will provide and your rights and responsibilities.  Housing Solutions has over 800 Leaseholders and Shared owners. The leasehold and shared owner services are provided by our specialist Home Ownership Team who offer support and advice to all of our homeowners.  If you wish to contact the team please email homeownership@housingsolutions.co.uk

Unfortunately, we are currently short-staffed in our Home Ownership team but we will continue to try and resolve your enquiry as quickly as possible. We are pleased to confirm that colleagues in other teams are assisting us whilst we recruit new team members. Below is a list of alternative contacts if your enquiry is urgent. We will endeavour to deal with your correspondence as soon as possible, but please note that it may take longer than our usual 2 working days to acknowledge and 10 working days to deal with matters whilst we remain without our full compliment of officers.

Please note that for any new lease extensions or sale of mobile home enquiries, these will not be looked at immediately and will be picked up from week commencing 9 May 2022. Any existing transactions will be processed as soon as possible. Please do bear with us and thank you in advance for your patience.


  • Service charges


  • Payment of rent and service charges
  • Rent and service charge arrears
  • Refunds


  • Antisocial behaviour and estate issues
  • Right to buy initial enquiry
  • Right to enquire initial enquiry
  • Existing leasehold extension


  • LPE1 pack request
  • Existing staircasing

For any repairs or other general enquiries not listed above, please contact our Customer Services Team using the webchat facility on our website at www.housingsolutions.co.uk who will try to resolve your enquiry as quickly as possible.’

Property maintenance and repair

  • Leaseholders/shared owners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of their property.

Leaseholders/shared owners of flats and houses contribute to their proportion of the cost of this building insurance in their service charges. Tenants pay toward this in their rent.

It is always a good idea to take out home contents insurance to cover your possessions against fire, theft and other risks, such as accidental damage. If something happens to destroy or damage your possessions, it can cost a lot of money to replace them items, some of which may be essential. Follow this link for insurance advice https://www.housingsolutions.co.uk/rent-and-repairs/my-home-contents-insurance/ or for further advice follow the link to https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/insurance/insurance/types-of-insurance/household-contents-insurance/

It is not Housing Solutions’ responsibility to insure the contents of your home but we are happy to recommend a National Housing Federation approved insurance provider here.

For more information about housing and local services why not visit https://www.gov.uk/browse/housing-local-services