Our Tenancy and Neighbourhood Officers are on hand to assist you with any questions you may have about living in a Housing Solutions neighbourhood.  To contact your local Officer, please use the form at the bottom of the page

Christina Mitchell - Neighbourhood Officer

Arborfield,York Court, Whurley Way, Walker Court, Queensway, Kensal Green Drive, Homeside, Gillott Court, Edinburgh Road, Deansfield, Cope Court, Bailey Close, Ashcroft Road.

Alsford Close, Bellman Close, Blackwell Court, Chadwick Road, The Cloisters, Crossways, Eldridge Place, Hicks Place, Meyers Close, Oxlade Drive, Pennymans Court, Pevensey Road, Piggott Place, Seer Green House, Spicer Mews, Starling Crescent
Institute Road

Bleinheim Road, Camfield Court, Cherwell Close, Coln Close, Evenlode, Halifax Close/Road, Homanleaze, Lancaster Road, Lincoln Road, Oldershaw Road, Ray Street, Stirling Place, Sunderland Road, Windrush Way, Winston Court

Nana Baddoo - Income Officer

High Wycombe, Bourne End, Chesham, Cookham, Princes Risborough, Hurley, Flackwell Heath, Aylesbury,  Stokenchurch
Cox Green Road, Cumbria Close, Gwent Close, Mercia Road, Northumbria Road, Powis Close, St Adrians Close, St Chad's Road, St Columba's Close, St Davids Close, St Patricks Close, Wessex Way
Furnival Ave 

Shannon Lowe - Income Officer

Victoria Ingram - Neighbourhood Officer



Albert Street, Australia Ave, Bell Street, Bhamra Gardens, Boyn Hill Road, Boyn Valley Road, Brockton Cort, Bucklebury Close, Clare Rd, Cookham Rd, Copse View Cottages, Cordwallis Road, Ellington Park, Fifield Way Cottages, Forest View Cottages, Grenfell Ave, Grenfell Place, Harrow Close/Lane, Hayes Close, Lindores Road, Meadow Way, New Market, Park View, Penyston Road, Providence House, Reeve Road, Ronald Young Court, Stompits Road, Trenchard Road, The Tressell, Windsor Road Alpine Close, Bridges Court, Exchange House, Foliejohn, Greenfields, Heywood Gardens and Court Close, Paddock Close, Phipps Close, Pool Lane, Sawyers Crescent, White Paddock, Mistletoe


Carly Ford & Rachael Timson Income Officers

Badger Close, Bargeman Road, Brownfield Gardens, Brunel Close, Brunel Court, Desborough Crescent, Fane Way, Fetty Place, Finch Court, Griffin Close, Hare Shoots, Hillside, Hillside House,  Homestead Road, Langdown Way, Larchfield Road, Norden Road, Norreys Drive, Phoenix Court, Reid Avenue, Rixman Close, Ross Road, Sounding Arch Way, Suffolk Road.


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