Our dedicated Grounds Maintenance and Caretaking Team are responsible for ensuring your communal areas are kept up to a high standard, and maintaining all communal areas so they are in a good condition.  There are a couple of things you can do to ensure your caretaker can look after the communal area around your home. These include:

  • Picking up after your dog - the team cannot mow or strim the grass where there is dog mess as this can be a Health and Safety risk. We really need customers to pick up after their pets, or let us know which pets are causing the problem;
  • Throw litter in the bin - it makes our job harder and takes us a lot longer if we have to pick up a large amount of litter from communal areas before we can start the communal work. We have a specific amount of time at each site, and if we have to spend half of that time picking up litter we will have to leave other areas until we return;
  • Annually check your trees – please notify us regarding dangerous, dead or obstructing trees or branches.

All works to be carried out at the appropriate time of year using good horticultural practices:

• Mow grass areas on site on a fortnightly basis between April and September dependent on the height of the grass;
• Carry out a reduced fortnightly service between October and March;
• Strim around obstacles as required;
• Trim shrubs at the appropriate time of year so not too impact the flowering seasons;
• Tie up climbers onto supports;
• Trim boundary hedges twice per year (where applicable);
• Keep shrub beds weeded;
• Cut back herbaceous perennials at the appropriate time;
• Sweep/blow hard surface areas;
• Apply weedkiller to kerb lines, hard surfaces, barked areas and shingle strip around buildings twice per year (where applicable);
• Remove leaves from hard surface areas fortnightly during Autumn;
• Generally keep the grounds and courtyards tidy

Every 3 years we arrange for a tree survey to be carried out by an independent tree specialist


Grounds Maintenance and Caretaking Trial

We will soon be trialing a new Grounds Maintenance and Caretaking service on a number of our sites. All affected customers will have recently received a letter outlining the changes that will be in place from April 1st 2019. Should you have any questions about the trial or would like to pass on any feedback please fill out the below form and we will get back to you within 3 working days.


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