Your Tenancy & Neighbourhood Officer (TNO) is your first point of contact for all inquiries about your tenancy and neighbourhood.

A TNO will carry out monthly estate inspections of all our neighbourhoods and we want residents to join them to feed into the inspections. The date of the up and coming inspections are below, if you would like you join a TNO at their next inspection please drop the housing team an email here:

Maidenhead (Larchfield): Tuesday 25th Feb-9-5pm Charlotte Prior
Brunel Close, Brunel Court, Sounding Archway, Brunel Road, Rixman Close, Phoenix Court, Brownfield Gardens, Griffin Close, Lanngdown Way, Larchfield Road, Badger Close, Bargemen Road, Curls Road, Fetty Place, Hare shoots, Ross Road, Suffolk Road, Hillside House, Norreys Drive, Norden Road, Desborough Crescent, The Croft, Fane Way, Hillside, Cypress Gardens, Chapel Court, Finch Court, Homestead Close, Reid Avenue.

Evenlode Area: Monday 17th Feb 9-12pm - June Bailey
Evenlode, Evenlode play parks, Coln Close, Windrush Way

Pinkneys Green: Thursday 13th Feb 9-11pm - June Bailey
Sunderland Road, Blenheim Road, Stirling Place, Camfield Court

Maidenhead Patch 2: Monday 17th Feb 9-5pm - Charlotte Prior
York Court, Fellstead Court, Gardner Road, Connaught Close, Cope Court, Cope Court play park, Deansfield Close, Sylvester Road, Gillot Court, Cannon Court Road, Ashcroft Road, Moffy Hill, Bailey Close, Walker court, Laggon Road, Kensal Green Drive, Malvern Road, Edinburgh Road, Switchback Road, Gloucester Road, Athlone Close, Wellhouse Road, Cornwall Close, Anne Close, Queensway , Whurley Way, Homeside Close, Homeside Close play area.

Maidenhead Town Centre and Furze Platt: Tuesday 11th Feb - 9-5pm - Victoria Ingram
New Market, Park View, Providence House, Brockton Court, North town mead, Ellington Park, Australia Avenue, Bell street, Albert Street, Cookham Road, Cordwallis Road, Grenfell Avenue, Grenfell Place, Harrow Close, Harrow Lane, Alpine Close, Bridges court, Greenfields, Mistletoe

Aylesbury: Tuesday 11th Feb 9-5pm - Sophie Hayward
Laxton Road, Walton Road, LeonaRoad W Path

Maidenhead: Woodlands Park - Thursday 13th Feb - 9-1pm Victoria Ingram
Sawyers Close/Crescent, White Paddock, Paddock Closer, Foliejohn Way, Thomas Court Phipps Close, Waltham Close, Haywood Gardens/Court Close/Avenue, Exchange House, Pinebeams, Barley Mead.

Slough: Tuesday 11th Feb - 9-12pm June Bailey
Oxlade Drive, Starling Crescent, Eldridge Place, Piggott Place, Blackwell Court, Hicks place, Spicer mews (Estate 1)

Holyport: Monday 10th Feb pm - Victoria Ingram
Lindores Road, Reeve Road, Ronald Young Court, Trenchard Road, Windsor Road, Bucklebury Close, Hayes Close, Stompits Road.

Fifield: Monday 10th Feb pm - Victoria Ingram
Fifield Way Cottages, Forest View Cottages, Meadow Way

Woodley: Thursday 27th Feb 1-5pm - June Bailey
Beech Court, Gemini, Martinet Road, Jasmine Square, Buttercup Lane

Cookham: Friday 7th Feb 9-5pm - Sophie Hayward
Bridge Avenue, Groves way, Choke Lane, Dean View, Elizabeth Close, Hillcrest Avenue, Lesters Road Lyndhurst Avenue, Peace Lane, Penling Close, Pudsey Close, Sleekstone Cottages, The Shaw, Upper Vent Cottages, Whyteladyes Lane, Windmill Road, Bramley Gardens.

Boyn Hill Area: Friday 14th Feb pm Victoria Ingram
Bhamra Gardens, Boyn Hill Road, Boyn Valley, Clare Road, The Tressell.

Furze Platt: Friday 14th Feb pm Victoria Ingram
Australia Ave, Ellington Park, Cokham Rd, Cordwallis Rd, Harrow Close, Harrow Lane

Knowl Hill and Waltham St Lawrence: Thursday 13th Feb pm Victoria Ingram
Adkins Road, Century Chase, Choseley Close, Choseley Road, Downfield Road, Four croft Cottages, Milley Cottages, Neville Close, Orchard Cottages, Pavilion Cottages, Pool Lane, Weycock Cottages, Pool Lane, Bainhurst Cottages, Dell Cottages, Long Half acre

Finchampstead: Friday 14th Feb 9-1pm - June Bailey
Mabett Close, GerraRoad House, Warren Close

High Wycombe: Tuesday 11th Feb 9-5pm - Sophie Hayward
Beechlands Court, Doolittle Avenue, School Close, Langley Close, Eden Gardens, St Johns View, 1-8 Razzaq Place, 1-33 Wye Gardens, Peddle court, Kingswood Park, 1-10 Nash House.

Slough: Tuesday 18th Feb 9-1pm June Bailey
Chadwick Road (Estate 2) Bellman Close, Pennymans Court (Estate 3)

Burnham/Taplow Tuesday 25th Feb 9-1pm June Bailey
Seer Green House, The Cloisters - Taplow, Institute Road

Tadley: Friday 21st Feb 1-5pm - June Bailey
Boundary Place

Littlewick Green: Thursday 13th Feb pm Victoria Ingram
Coronation Road, Bainhurst Cottages, Dell Cottages, Gilchrist Cottages, Long Half Acre

Wokingham Area 1 Friday 28th Feb 9-1pm June Bailey
Barford Road, Beaver Place, Diamond Jubilee Way, Spooner Place

Wokingham Area 2 Thursday 20th Feb 9-1pm June Bailey
Baslow Drive, Calver Close, Lockwood Court, Phillips Close, Cammell Close

Maidenhead Thursday 20th Feb 9-5pm Charlotte Prior

Cumbria Close, Northumbria Road, Wessex Way, Bainhurst Cottages, Powis Close, St Adrians Close, Gwent Close, St Chads Road, St Columbus Close, St Patricks Close, Cox Green Road, Mercia Road, St David’s Close.

Hurley: Friday 7th Feb 9-5pm - Sophie Hayward
Shepherds Close

Chesham Tuesday 11th Feb 9-5pm - Sophie Hayward

Reading Town Centre Tuesday 4th Feb - Sophie Hayward